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    Junk Removal Pricing

    Wheather it be residential or commerical, junk removal can be scary, especially when you receive hidden fees once a job is completed. Those hidden fees could consist of dumping fees, appliance fees, weight fees, labor fees, etc. These are fees that other junk removal companies don’t like to tell their costumers before doing a job. Here at Dump Monster, we give you a quote that will never change because our staff are trained to give you the most accurate quote once we have personally looked at what needs to be removed and hauled away before we start any job.

    Pickup days are every Tuesday & Thursday. Please make sure the items, debires, junk, etc. we are picking up are in an easy to access location. We will contact you for exact pickup dates.

    * Extra Fees You May Have To Pay:

    * There may be an additional fee charged anytime we need to handle heavy items such as pianos, safes, refrigerators, large appliances, demolition, and disassembly of furniture. All of these things require special care and time. Please feel free to call for a quote for all your junk removal needs. The best way to assess your junk is for you to fill out our form and upload pictures. Our truck widget below should give you a good idea. Don’t be scared; give Dump Monster a call!

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