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Dumpster Rental Pricing


$495 for a 15 and $595 for a 20 including 4000#. All overage is at $95 per ton prorated.


All dumpster rentals are 7 days, If we have any bad storms or extreme weather events, we lower the rentals to 3 days to give everyone a chance to clear their property or business quickly. Pricing during these events is not guaranteed due to the extreme demand. We have an extremely large client list and they will always be the first we serve. During extreme weather events we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will get one of our staff on the phone or receive a call back with in 10 minutes during these events.


We have contract rates available, feel free to reach out to our office to set this up. 580-855-5000.


All payments for dumpsters will be paid through our Booking Page, “BOOK DUMPSTER RENTAL ONLINE” click the preceding link or the button below.

Extra Fees You May Have To Pay:

There will be additional charges if… the dumpster is overloaded meaning the load is above the “do not fill above line.” If your dumpster load, whether it is over the fill line or not, is over the alloted 4000 pounds there will be additional charges ($95 Per Ton Over), or if there are any damages to the dumpster. This is a commonsense issue. We never hide our fees over the amount you have paid. We expect people to be responsible when renting. Please see our Terms & Conditions. or call 580-855-5000.