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    Dump Monster works hard to reduce landfill emissions, so we donate all kinds of things people think couldn’t be donated to local charities.

    We do charge for donation pick-up, and here’s why…

    Most charities will come to your home or business on their time, not yours, so convenience is not guaranteed. Another thing to consider is that they might not accept certain items you want to donate, leaving you with items to dispose of. When Dump Monster comes to pick up your donation items, you’ll be pleased to know it’s on your schedule. We will work diligently to ensure your items reach a donation center, and any items they can’t accept will be recycled to the best of our ability.

    Upon delivering your donated items from your home or business, we will obtain a donation receipt for your taxes, which we will send to you within 14 business days. This helps offset the cost of our service, still leaving you with a positive feeling about your contributions!