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Dump Monster can quickly help you rid yourself of junk, hauling away the things that are cluttering your home, warehouse, place of business or yard. We are a professional junk removal business that offers the best range of services, the best prices and the extensive experience needed in this industry.

It is our pleasure to offer services to private property owners and businesses. Our years of experience involved with federal disaster clean-up has given our company the understanding of the most efficient methods of dealing with junk and debris removal. We also are pleased to offer the same professional, courteous and convenient service to the public.

We understand that clutter, debris and the evidence of hoarding can substantially devalue any property. Call for a free written estimate of your hauling needs. When you call Dump Monster, you will be calling a company that strives to be as eco-friendly as possible working diligently to recycle 100% of everything we haul in an effort to keep Mother Earth as clean as possible while reducing landfill debris collection.

All junk/debris hauling (anything that can be picked up by hand or loaded with equipment). Any size items, i.e. a small box to a home/warehouse full of large items. We haul it away for you.

Dump Monster only limits hauling of some hazardous or toxic materials.



  • E-waste collection (computers, printers, monitors, copy machines etc.)

  • Estate auctions (no bid, left over items)

  • Estate clean-outs – part or all, (we also offer packing, storage and shipping options)

  • Hoarding clean-ups – we have a team that specializes in hoarding clean-ups and knows this can be a difficult and sensitive task.

  • Homes – Apartments – Storage units – Rentals cleanouts – Foreclosure cleanout Hot tub and Jacuzzi removal Investor rehab clean-outs.

    Lot clean-ups (tires, garbage, wood, concrete etc.)Move out’s (take what you want, leave the rest and we’ll dump it) New moves (boxes, packing materials, unwanted items left by previous owners, etc.)

  • Pre-sale home clean-ups – Garage Sale leftovers Yard clean-ups (old playsets, stumps, junk, hot-tubs, above ground pools etc.)

  • **Estate auction, packing, shipping and storage options available**

  • Airports: Aircraft and aircraft parts removal, hanger cleanouts All commercial junk removal and hauling, anything you can think of we will haul! Bank owned REO’S (complete removal and clean-up) Business hoarding cleanouts.

  • Construction sites: Everything – YES, Everything (Pre-Post). Factory clean-outs (industrial equipment moving and disposal anything up to 100,000#) mold making equipment, large rotary equipment, pallet racking, CNC’s, etc. Heavy equipment removal (any size).

  • Equipment disposal, outdated medical supplies (*non-hazardous, bio-hazard or x-ray equipment *)

  • Mall cleanouts (franchise / store closures, removals and lock outs)

  • Office furniture relocation or complete move-n-pack service and junk removal

  • Safes, vaults and soda machine removal (any size)

  • Store closures and lockouts (old inventory removal, dismantling built in’s, industrial restaurant equipment removal, etc.)

  • Business Auction, packing, shipping and storage available.


  • Tires with rims, paint or any household chemicals.

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Dump Monster


Dump Monster offers professional junk removal services. Always courteous, cost effective and convenient. We work hard to recycle 100% of everything we haul.

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