Dump Monster will come to your home or business on your schedule and pick up all your items, recycle and donate them. Then send you your tax deductible receipt with in two weeks from the nonprofit that we pic up on your behalf. You can use this to offset the cost of us picking up your items, and helping out the local community.

Lots of non-profits who take or pickup items to be donated do it on there time not yours! They will give you a very broad time frame, i.e. 8AM to 5PM to stop by your home or business to pick up your items. As a result your life is on hold on that particular day waiting for them to show up, and sometimes they do not showing up at all. Dump Monster will not do that to you, we will give you exact time and be there on that date at the specified time.

There is also the issue of what they are going to pickup, you think all your items will taken, but you soon find out that they are selective and will only take some of your items; leaving you with things you still need to get rid of. Dump Monster will not do that to you, when we arrive, if it is on the list of items to pickup, we take them, no questions asked.

To schedule a pickup for items you are donating, please click or tap the Book Online button below, or in the alternative, call us to schedule your pickup (833) 369-6667.

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Dump Monster offers professional junk removal services. Always courteous, cost effective and convenient. We work hard to recycle 100% of everything we haul.

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